ISBN 9788170298151,Internet For Kids

Internet For Kids


Tim Haag


BPB Publications



BPB Publications

Publication Year 199

ISBN 9788170298151

ISBN-10 8170298156


Language (English)

General studies

The information found in Internet for Kid’s can be used by children,Parents,and teachers as a simple way of learning how to use and how to understand the internet.Included in this 160 page book is all the information you will need to surf the Net as well as over 75 Internet addresses for you to explore.   Internet for kids features some of the following topics:              1         Internet FAQ              2         Electronic mail              3         Mailing lists              4         Newsgroups              5         Gopher              6         File transfer protocol              7         Chat              8         Telnet              9         Video             10         The world wide web             11         Web site reviews Internet for kids is a fun and enjoyable resource the whole family can use.   Table of contents:   Chapter  1        Introduction Chapter  2        Some added thoughts Chapter  3        Happy,healthy,and safe surfing Chapter  4        Internet FAQ Chapter  5        Electronic mail Chapter  6        Mailing lists Chapter  7        Newsgrouphs Chapter  8        Gopher Chapter  9        File transfer protocol Chapter 10        Chat Chapter 11        Telnet Chapter 12        Video Chapter 13        World wide web Chapter 14        Web site reviews                           Glossary                         Index  

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