ISBN 9788120342347,Introduction To Automata And Compiler Design

Introduction To Automata And Compiler Design



PHI learning Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788120342347

ISBN-10 8120342348


Number of Pages 396 Pages
Language (English)

Computer programming

This comprehensive book provides the fundamental concepts of automata and compiler design. Beginning with the basics of automata and formal languages, the book discusses the concepts of regular set and regular expression, context-free grammar and pushdown automata in detail. Then, the book explains the various compiler writing principles and simultaneously discusses the logical phases of a compiler and the environment in which they do their job. It also elaborates the concepts of syntax analysis, bottom-up parsing, syntax-directed translation, semantic analysis, optimization, and storage organization. Finally, the text concludes with a discussion on the role of code generator and its basic issues such as instruction selection, register allocation, target programs and memory management. The book is primarily designed for one semester course in Automata and Compiler Design for undergraduate and postgraduate students of Computer Science and Information Technology. It will also be helpful to those preparing for competitive examinations like GATE, DRDO, PGCET, etc. KEY FEATURES : Covers both automata and compiler design so that the readers need not have to consult two books separately. Includes plenty of solved problems to enable the students to assimilate the fundamental concepts. Provides a large number of end-of-chapter exercises and review questions as assignments and model question papers to guide the students for examinations.