ISBN 9789332535060,Introduction to Biotechnology

Introduction to Biotechnology



Pearson Education

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789332535060

ISBN-10 933253506X

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Number of Pages 400 Pages
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Concise overviews examine cutting-edge techniques and concepts including Bioinformatics, Proteomics, and Genomics, as well as detailed information on agricultural, medical, forensic, and regulatory issues that impact the biotechnology industry.
Career Profile Boxes in each chapter introduce students to different career paths in the biotechnology industry and provide detailed information on job functions, salaries, and guidance for preparing to enter the workforce.
You Decide Boxes in each chapter stimulate ethical discussion by giving students questions and information relating to the social and ethical implications of biotechnology and regulations.
Tools of the Trade Boxes provide details on modern techniques and methods related to each chapters content and the biotech industry.
End-of-Chapter Questions and Activities encourage students to apply what theyve learned and include internet assignments that explore cutting edge topics. Suggested answers are provided in the Appendix.
Abundant illustrations, instructional diagrams, and flow charts present modern images, step-by-step explanations of complex processes, and include new figures on the use of gene microarrays, PCR, and nanobiotechnology.
p> 1. The Biotechnology Century and Its Workforce
2. An Introduction to Genes and Genomes
3. Recombinant DNA Technology and Genomics
4. Proteins as Products
5. Microbial Biotechnology
6. Plant Biotechnology
7. Animal Biotechnology
8. DNA Fingerprinting and Forensic Analysis
9. Bioremediation
10. Aquatic Biotechnology
11. Medical Biotechnology
12. Ethics and Biotechnology
Appendix I: Answers to Questions
Appendix II: The 20 Amino Acids of Proteins