ISBN 9781259028649,Introduction to Business

Introduction to Business



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9781259028649

ISBN-10 125902864X


Number of Pages 544 Pages
Language (English)


The introduction to business course is evolvingno longer are colleges teaching the course in a standard one-semester term. Introduction to Business takes on the changing educational environment. The text has fewer chapters, more applied exercises and examples, and reinforces learning throughout. The chapters are carefully organized by learning objectives which correlate directly to all of the chapter materials and student and instructor ancillaries. Key Features: Real World Business Applications located in boxes at the beginning of each chapter help students understand the concepts they are about to learn and then reinforces the points discussed in the follow-up box. They offer real-world examples to help students recognize the importance of the topics covered. Thinking Critically boxes throughout each chapter use articles from real-world business to reinforce the importance of the topics covered in each chapter. Questions at the end of the feature offer instructors and students the opportunity to discuss the topic further in class or submit short-answer homework assignments. Ethical Challenge margin boxes with fictional real-world business ethical situations provide a look at the potential ethical situations students will face in the workplace and include discussion questions for in-class or homework discussion. Applying Your Skills found at the end of each chapter asks students to go out into the real world and make contact with businesses and business people to get a better perspective of the business world and how the material they are studying is related to a career. Career Spotlight shows student potential careers in the different arenas, including finance, marketing, and management. Video Cases packaged with the book reiterate the importance of the chapter topics and give instructors a way to lead in-class discussion with the "Think It Over" questions included. The Internet in Action located at the end of each chapter asks the student to use the Internet (and specific web sites) to research different related topics. Helps students understand the importance of the Internet and up-to-date research materials in business. Learning Objectives offer students and instructors a map of important chapter content that will be covered. These objectives are tied directly to the content as well as all of the instructor supplemental material. Section Outlines break the material into smaller sections and remind students to think about what they are about to learn. Self-Check Questions presented at the end of a section of material assess understanding; they are a great tool for addressing any area that classes and/or individual student are struggling. Study Skills are marginal notes that provide tips for students as they move forward with careers and job searches. Table of Contents Chapter One: Managing within the Dynamic Business Environment: Taking Risks and Making Profits Chapter Two: How Economics Affects Business Chapter Three: Competition in Global Markets Chapter Four: Demonstrating Ethical Behavior and Social Responsibility Chapter Five: Entrepreneurship and Starting a Small Business Chapter Six: Management Chapter Seven: Leadership and Motivation Chapter Eight: Human Resource Management: Finding and Keeping the Best Employees Chapter Nine: Marketing Businesses and Products Chapter Ten: Product and Service Promotion Chapter Eleven: Using Technology and Business Chapter Twelve: Understanding Financial Information and Accounting Chapter Thirteen: Securities Markets and Financial Institutions Chapter Fourteen: Managing Personal Finance