ISBN 9780070671201,Introduction To Computers

Introduction To Computers



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9780070671201

ISBN-10 0070671206


Edition 7th
Number of Pages 680 Pages
Language (English)


A trusted name in Information technology, Peter Norton has been synonymous with computers for close to three decades. His trilogy on computers, including Computing Fundamentals, Essential Concepts, and Introduction to Computers, is considered a leading educational resource on the subject. This Indian adaptation of Introduction to Computers takes forward the unparalleled success and legacy of this series of books. Salient Features In-depth treatment of topics like Number Systems, Network Topologies and Protocols Discussion on Operating Systems enhanced through inclusion of discussion on MS-DOS and Unix commands, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 Enrichment of Pedagogy - Over 1000 exercise questions included TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTER SYSTEMS Lesson 1A. Exploring Computers and Their Uses Lesson 1B. Looking Inside the Computer System 2. INTERACTING WITH YOUR COMPUTER Lesson 2A. Using the Keyboard and Mouse Lesson 2B. Inputting Data in Other Ways 3. SEEING, HEARING, AND PRINTING DATA Lesson 3A. Video and Sound Lesson 3B. Printing 4. PROCESSING DATA Lesson 4A. Transforming Data into Information Lesson 4B. Modern CPUs 5. STORING DATA Lesson 5A. Types of Storage Devices Lesson 5B. Measuring and Improving Drive Performance 6. USING OPERATING SYSTEMS Lesson 6A. Operating System Basics Lesson 6B. Survey of PC and Network Operating Systems 7. NETWORKS Lesson 7A. Networking Basics Lesson 7B. Data Communications 8. PRESENTING THE INTERNET Lesson 8A. The Internet and the World Wide Web Lesson 8B. E-Mail and Other Internet Services 9. WORKING IN THE ONLINE WORLD Lesson 9A. Connecting to the Internet Lesson 9B. Doing Business in the Online World 10. WORKING WITH APPLICATION SOFTWARE Lesson 10A. Productivity Software Lesson 10B. Graphics and Multimedia