ISBN 9788131714768,Introduction To Cryptography With Coding Theory

Introduction To Cryptography With Coding Theory








Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9788131714768

ISBN-10 8131714764


Number of Pages 592 Pages
Language (English)


Balances applied and theoretical aspects of security - Presents applications and protocols where cryptographic primitives are used in practice, such as SET and SSL. Coverage of Rijndael and AES - Provides a detailed explanation of AES, which has replaced Feistel-based ciphers (DES) as the standard block cipher algorithm. Coverage of practical applications of cryptography to security protocols - Connects the cryptographic tools developed earlier in the book to the building of real security tools, demonstrating to students that there is more to security and cryptography than just math. Friendly, story-like discussion of security concepts - Uses historical examples to illustrate the concepts of security and cryptanalysis by relating theory to easier-to-grasp events. Modern methods such as Elliptic curves, Lattice methods, and Quantum Techniques - Provides thorough coverage of topics that are becoming increasingly prominent in the field. Major coverage of coding theory - Offers a discussion of coding theory, which is often covered in today's cryptology courses. Numerous example calculations - Includes many examples, especially in purely mathematical chapters such as Ch. 3. Public key certificate - Provides an example of what an actual public key certificate looks like, rather than just describing it. Mathematica/Maple/Matlab problems and notebooks - Allow students to work with realistic sized examples in RSA and Digital Signatures, as well as classical cryptosystems and those with elliptic curves. Practical examples and applications - Give students hands-on experience with the large-nu