ISBN 9788131524787,Introduction to Electronics

Introduction to Electronics


Earl Gates


Cengage Learning



Cengage Learning

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9788131524787

ISBN-10 8131524787


Edition 6h
Number of Pages 604 Pages
Language (English)

Electronics & Communication Engineering

Introduction to Electronics, provides your students with a broad overview of both the linear and digital fields of electronics while also providing the basics so your students can understand the fundamentals of electronics. This book is intended for first year students to stimulate their interest in electronics, whether they are in high school or college and will provide them with a fundamental background in electronics that they need to succeed in today's increasingly digital world. The sixth edition continues to expose students to the broad field of electronics at a level they can easily understand. Chapters are brief and focused and frequent examples are used to show math and formulas in use. Each chapter builds on the previous chapter to allow your students to grow with the knowledge necessary to continue. There are many new problems and review questions and Internet applications that enhance your students' learning and retention of the material. In addition, new photographs keep them up to date with changes in the field of electronics and a new topic on Programmable Interface Controllers (PICs) is included as well. Introduction to Electronics, is written to allow all of your students to fully comprehend the fundamentals of electronics.
Table of contents :-
Part I - DC Circuits
1. Fundamentals of Electricity
2. Current
3. Voltage
4. Resistance
5. Ohm's Law
6. Electrical Measurements - Meters
7. Power
8. DC Circuits
9. Magnetism
10. Inductance
11. Capacitance

Part II - AC Circuits
12. Alternating Current
13. AC Measurements
14. Resistive AC Circuits
15. Capacitive AC Circuits
16. Inductive AC Circuits
17. Resonance Circuits
18. Transformers

Part III - Semiconductor Devices
19. Semiconductor Fundamentals
20. PN Junction Diodes
21. Zener Diodes
22. Bipolar Transistors
23. Field Effect Transistors (FETs)
24. Thyristors
25. Integrated Circuits
26. Optoelectric Devices

Part IV - Linear Electronics Circuits
27. Power Supplies
28. Amplifier Basics
29. Amplifier Applications
30. Oscillators
31. Waveshaping Circuits

Part V - Digital Electronics Circuits
32. Binary Number System
33. Basic Logic Gates
34. Simplifying Logic Circuits
35. Sequential Logic Circuits
36. Combinational Logic Circuits
37. Microcomputer Basics

Part VI - Practical Applications
38. Printed Circuit Board Fabrication
39. Printed Circuit Board Assembly and Repair
40. Basic Troubleshooting

Self-Test Answers
Appendix 1: Electronics Abbreviations
Appendix 2: Periodic Table of Elements
Appendix 3: The Greek Alphabet
Appendix 4: Metric Prefixes Used in Electronics
Appendix 5: Resistor Color Codes
Appendix 6: Capacitor Color Code
Appendix 7: Electronics Symbols
Appendix 8: Semiconductor Schematic Symbols
Appendix 9: Digital Logic Symbols
Appendix 10: DC and AC Circuit Formulas