ISBN 9788183332354,Introduction to Game Programming in C++

Introduction to Game Programming in C++




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BPB Publications

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9788183332354

ISBN-10 8183332358


Number of Pages 367 Pages
Language (English)


Introduction to Game Programming with C is an exciting book for readers with no previous experience in game development. Starting from the basics of C and ending with the intracies of real-time 3D graphics, this book explores the interesting world of game making. It explains how to program, explores the meaning of object-oriented programming, and examines game algorithms, 2D and 3D games, sound and music, and how to create game installers. Overall, this book will introduce you to the world of game development and get you started on the right path to making games that sell.       Table of Contents   Acknowledgments Introduction Chapter 1: Mathematics-The Language of Numbers Chapter 2: Algebra Chapter 3: The Pictures of Mathematics Chapter 4: C++ and Programming Chapter 5: The Basics of C++ Chapter 6: Variables, Constants, and Arrays Chapter 7: Controlling Program Flow Chapter 8: Pointers Chapter 9: Functions Chapter 10: Data Structures and Classes Chapter 11: Memory Allocation and Strings Chapter 12: File I/O and Command Line Arguments Chapter 13: Algorithms Chapter 14: Games Programming Chapter 15: 2D Games and Clanlib Chapter 16: ClanLib -- Core Classes Chapter 17: ClanLib -- Scene Management Chapter 18: 3D Games and OGRE 3D Chapter 19: Exploring OGRE 3D Chapter 20: Other Gaming Libraries -- Install and Sound   Appendix A: Trigonometric Table Appendix B: Degrees to Radians Appendix C: ClanLib Key Codes Appendix D: OGRE Key Codes Appendix E: C++ Keywords Afterword Index