ISBN 9780070667143,Introduction To Logic & Computer Design

Introduction To Logic & Computer Design



Tata Mcgraw Hill Education Private Limited

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9780070667143

ISBN-10 0070667144


Number of Pages 684 Pages
Language (English)


Introduction to Logic and Computer Design is intended as an introductory book for students of computer science, computer engineering and electrical engineering branches. Presence of several chapters on computer design makes the book fit for fundamentals-oriented logic design course. Key features Design oriented approach-The book is divided into two parts-logic design and computer design. Design Languages-VHDL covered in Ch4, Verilog in Ch 7 and DDL in Ch 9. MODEL: A Sample Computer-A separate chapter on design of computer. Chapter 10 Test Yourself-Designed to help students measure their comprehension of key material, are included at the end of chapters Table of contents :- Chapter 1: Introduction PART I: Logic Design Chapter 2: Combination Systems Chapter 3: The Karnaugh Map Chapter 4: Designing Combinational Systems Chapter 5: Analysis of Sequential Systems Chapter 6: The Design of Sequential Systems Chapter 7: Solving Larger Sequential Problems PART II: Computer Design Chapter 8: Computer Organization Chapter 9: Computer Design Fundamentals Chapter 10: The Design of a Central Processing Unit Chapter 11: Beyond the Central Processing Unit Appendix A: Summary of Model Controller Design Appendix B: Answers to Selected Exercises Appendix C: Chapter Test Answers Index