ISBN 9780070993198,Introduction to Operations Research

Introduction to Operations Research



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ISBN 9780070993198

ISBN-10 007099319X


Number of Pages 617 Pages
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This book is designed to serve as an introductory OR textbook for students interested in problem solving, as a textbook for a short course in computer-oriented methods, and as a handbook of optimization methods and computer programs for the practitioner. It is meant as a survey of the important methods of operations research integrating the computer and the methods. It can equally serve the practitioner, the student who plans to study operations research in depth, or the student who only desires an appreciation of the general area of operations research. Salient Features Computer oriented approach. Chapter on probability presents essential elements of probability. Large variety of problem emphasizing the analysis of all result. Basic knowledge of FORTRAN programing is assumed throughout the book. A Multitude of introductory programming texts available for those who are deficient in this area. TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter 1. Introduction PART 1: DETERMINISTIC OPERATIONS RESEARCH MODELS Chapter 2. Dynamic Programming Chapter 3. Linear Programming Chapter 4. Integer Programming Chapter 5. Branch-and-Bound Technique Chapter 6. Deterministic Inventory Models Chapter 7. Sequencing Problems PART 2: PROBABILISTIC OPERATIONS RESEARCH MODELS Chapter 8. Basic Probability and Statistical Concepts Chapter 9. Regression Analysis Chapter 10.Decision Theory Chapter 11.Game Theory Chapter 12.Pert Chapter 13.Queueing Theory Chapter 14.Simulation Chapter 15.Probabilistic Inventory Models Chapter 16.Markov Chains Appendixes Index