ISBN 9788120346659,Introduction To Ore Microscopy

Introduction To Ore Microscopy



PHI learning Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788120346659

ISBN-10 8120346653


Number of Pages 112 Pages
Language (English)

Social Sciences

Introduction to Ore Microscopy is a brief introduction to the science of Ore Minerals. It is designed to help undergraduate and postgraduate students of Geology and Earth Science for their practical course. The book gives a comprehensive, handy and scientific description of ores which form a part of Ore Geology and Economic Geology.
Illustrated with a wealth of full-colour and black-and-white polished section photographs, the book explains how to observe ores under the microscope in the reflected light. Besides dealing with the texture, structures, and paragenesis of ore minerals, it also deals with the methodology to study physical and optical characters of important ore minerals, such as Sulphides, Arsenides, Antimonides, Molybdenites, Tungstate, and Oxides ores. A brief description mineral paragenesis, paragenetic diagrams, and some important ore-deposits of India and other parts of the world are also given.
The book will also prove to be useful for those working in the mineral industry.