ISBN 9780030202186,Introduction to Organic and Biochemistry

Introduction to Organic and Biochemistry



Saunders College Publishing

Publication Year 1997

ISBN 9780030202186

ISBN-10 0030202183


Number of Pages 640 Pages
Language (English)

General science

The ultimate goal of Introduction to General, Organic & Biochemistry is to teach the chemistry of the human body, while trying to show that each subsection of chemistry is important in its own right. In its entirety it can be used for a one-year course in chemistry, or parts of the book can be used in a one-term chemistry course. It is intended for nonchemistry majors, mainly those entering health science and related fields, such as nursing, medical technology, physical therapy and nutrition. Introduction to Organic & Biochemistry requires some general chemistry background. Features: * A large amount of boxed applications of chemical concepts highlight the important information of the text more clearly for the student. * The definition of each term in the Glossary-Index is given along with the index entry and the page number. * Lists of key terms at the end of each chapter, with notation of the section number make these terms more accessible study guides for students. * Numerous problems are included at the ends of each chapter--higher level problems are indicated New to this edition: * New material has been added, including the isoelectric points of amino acids, non-coding DNA satellites and transcription factors and their role in gene regulations. * New examples have been added of exceptions to the octet rule. * Enlarged discussion on immunochemistry, detailing the role of B and T cells.