ISBN 9788120401020,Introduction To Plant Breeding

Introduction To Plant Breeding



Oxford & Ibh Publishing Co. Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788120401020

ISBN-10 8120401026


Number of Pages 267 Pages
Language (English)

Science & Technology

The book Introduction to Plant Breeding has been prepared primarily to serve as a textbook for undergraduate students of Plant Breeding. The book has 14 chapters arranged in a sequence to giv the reader an idea of the science of plant breeding. Chapters on plant breeding and its scope, genetic for plant breeding, nature of crops and methods of breeding, orgin, demestication and introduction of crop plants, breeding self-pollinated crops by introduction and selection, breeding self-pollinated crops by hybridisation, methods of breeding crops-pollinated crops, breeding asexually propagated plants, heterosis breeding, mutation breeding, ploidy breeding, breeding for disease and insect resistance, organisation and achievements of plant breeding, release and seed production of varieties are profusely illustrated. Written in simple and lucid English, up-to-date examples of Indian researches have been cited to illustrate the points.