ISBN 9788173197178,Introduction To Statistical Mechanics

Introduction To Statistical Mechanics



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Publication Year 2005

ISBN 9788173197178

ISBN-10 8173197172


Number of Pages 465 Pages
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Introduction to Statistical Mechanics discusses the basic law of statistical physics and their applications to a wide range of interesting problems. The basic principles of equilibrium statistical mechanics are clearly formulated and applied to specific examples of ideal gases and interacting systems to bring out their strength and scope. The main emphasis is on physical ideas and the mathematical formalism associated with them. Key Features Mathematical Derivations worked out in detail Non-equilibrium phenomena covered in depth Mathematical Functions, useful integrals, probability distribution functions and path integral method discussed Practice Problems included Table of Contents Preface Acknowledgement Introduction Review of Thermodynamics Basic Principles of Statistical Mechanics Microcanonical Ensemble Canonical Ensemble Grand Canonical Ensemble Theory of Ideal Gases Ideal Bose Systems Ideal Fermi Systems Classical Statistical Mechanics of Interacting Systems Quantum Statistical Mechanics of Interacting Systems Theory of Dense Gases and Liquids Statistical Mechanics of Solids Phase Transition and Critical Phenomenon Kinetic Theory of Gases Dynamical Theory of Gases Appendixes Bibliography Index.