ISBN 9780070445208,Introduction To The Theory Of Statistics

Introduction To The Theory Of Statistics



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2001

ISBN 9780070445208

ISBN-10 0070445206

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Edition 3rd
Number of Pages 580 Pages
Language (English)

General & Introductory Statistics

The purpose of the third edition of this book is to give a sound and self-contained (in the sense that the necessary probability theory is included) Introduction to classical or mainstream statistical theory.

Salient Features

The book is designed to be used in either the quarter system or the semester system. In a quarter system, Chaps. I through V could be covered in the first quarter, Chaps. VI through Part of VIII the second quarter, and the rest of the book the third quarter. In a semester system, Chaps. I through VI could be covered the first semester and the remaining chapters the second semester.
Several sections or subsections can be omitted without disrupting the continuity of presentation.
The many problems are intended to be essential for learning the material in the book. Some of the more difficult problems have been starred