ISBN 9780198090519,Introduction To Theoretical and Computational Fluid Dynamics

Introduction To Theoretical and Computational Fluid Dynamics



Oxford University Press

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9780198090519

ISBN-10 019809051X


Edition 2nd
Number of Pages 1272 Pages
Language (English)

Fluid mechanics

The second Indian Edition of Introduction to Theoretical andComputational Fluid Dynamics discusses the fundamental principlesand equations governing the motion of incompressible Newtonianfluids, and simultaneously introduces analytical and numericalmethods for solving a broad range of pertinent problems. Topicscovered include kinematics, elements of differential geometry oflines and surfaces, vortex dynamics, properties and computation ofinterfacial shapes in hydrostatics, exact solutions, flow at lowReynolds numbers, interfacial flows, hydrodynamic stability, andmany more.
The book includes both classical and original topics andderivations accompanied by solved and unsolved problems thatillustrate the theoretical results and explain the implementationof the numerical methods. Detailed appendices provide a wealth ofsupplementary information and establish the necessary mathematicaland numerical framework.
A unique and comprehensive synthesis of the essential aspects ofthe discipline, this volume serves as an ideal text for graduatecourses on theoretical and computational fluid dynamics, appliedmathematics, and scientific computing. It will prove to be anindispensable resource for professionals and researchers in variousfields of science, chemical, mechanical, biomechanical, civil andaerospace engineering.
Chapter 1 Kinematic structure of a flow
Chapter 2 Kinematic analysis of a flow
Chapter 3 Stresses, the equation of motion, and vorticitytransport
Chapter 4 Hydrostatics
Chapter 5 Exact solutions
Chapter 6 Flow at low Reynolds numbers
Chapter 7 Irrotational flow
Chapter 8 Boundary-layer analysis
Chapter 9 Hydrodynamic stability
Chapter 10 Boundary-integral methods for potential flow
Chapter 11 Vortex motion
Chapter 12 Finite-difference methods forconvection-diffusion
Chapter 13 Finite-difference methods for incompressibleNewtonian flow
A Mathematical supplement
B Primer of numerical methods
C FDLIB software library
D User Guide of directory 08 stab of FDLIB on hydrodynamicstab

About the Author: C. Pozrikidis

C. Pozrikidis is Professor in the College of Engineering at theUniversity of Massachusetts, Amherst. He is will know for hiscontributions in fluid mechanics and biomechanics, appliedmathematics, and scientific computing. He has published numerousresearch papers and is the author of eight books and editor of twocontributed volumes