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Inventory management



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Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9788184350975

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Investory management involves the control of assets being produced for the purposes of sale in the normal course of the company's operations. The goal of effective inventory management is to minimize the total costs that are associated with holding inventories.Hoever, the importance of inventory management to the extent of investment in inventory. About Author : Hemant Wagdre serves on several policy making bodies of the government of India, related to trade, environment and consumer affairs. He has over nine years of experience in riting books. He is a prolific author of management and information technology books. Contents : Preface 1. Inventory Management 2. Stocks and Inventories 3. Vendor Managed Inventory 4. Effective Inventory Management 5. Preparing a Balance Sheet 6. Just in Time Management 7. Planning and Forecasting 8. Supply Chain Management 9. Total Quality Management 10. Analysis of Customer Service 11. Materials Management and Stock Control 12. Cost Accounting System 13. Inventory Costs Management Bibliography

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