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Tata Mcgraw Hill Education Private Limited

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9780070151574

ISBN-10 0070151571


Edition 8th
Number of Pages 1080 Pages
Language (English)


Investments is a leading textbook used by graduate schools across the world as part of the MBA curriculum. Its use of employing elucidations that couple practical and theoretical coverage renders itself as an authority on the subject matter. Written in a clear and intelligible format, the book maintains a certain rhythm that is in tune with its reading audience's requirements. The authors deal with asset allocation and capitalization across different markets. The derivative security markets are discussed in more detail. The text goes into detail on subjects like Options, Security markets and Futures. Divided into six sections, the book goes into great detail when explaining the concepts. The book includes chapters like Elements of Investments which contains topics like Security Markets and Mutual Funds. Portfolio Theory, the second chapter has Efficient Diversification, and Behavioral Finance as few of its topics.The book also pays heed to Debt Securities and has topics on Bond Prices, and Managing Bonds. Security Analysis consists of concepts like Equity Valuation, and Macroeconomic and Industry Analysis. Derivative Markets and Active Investment Management are the other chapters in this book and contain topics such as Option Valuation, Options Markets, Globalization and International Investing, Investors and the Investment Process, and Hedge Funds. This new edition focuses on elaborating into newer domains of hedge funds, capital asset pricing model, bond prices and swaps, empirical evidence on security returns, financial statement analysis and the world of swaps in the futures markets. The attention being placed in garnering an Indian readership, Investments does the task of integrating information from observations across the Indian markets. This Special Indian edition was published in 2009 by Tata McGraw-Hill. About The Authors Alan J. Marcus is the Professor of Finance at the Wallace E. Carroll School of Management in Boston College. He has also co-authored Essentials of Investments and Fundamentals of Corporate Finance. He has served as a research fellow at the National Bureau of Economic Research. He has authored several books on the subject of Finance, especially in the context of Portfolio Theory and Capital markets. Zvi Bodie is a Professor of Management at the Boston University. Few of his books are Foundations of Pension Finance, The Future of Life Cycle Saving and Investing and Financial Economics. He is a well known scholar of Pension Finance and Investment Strategies. He was awarded with the Lifetime Achievement in Applied Retirement Research Award by Retirement Income Industry Association. Alex Kane is the Professor of Finance and Economics at the UC San Diego. His other books include Essentials of Investments, and Valuation of Security Analysis. He is a member of the American Economic Association and the American Finance Association. He has written several articles earning recognition for the best feature article twice in the Financial Analyst Journal and was awarded the Graham Dodd award. Pitabas Mohanty is a Professor at the Xavier School of Management, India. His papers have been published across a number of journals such as the prestigious Asia-Pacific Business Review, Journal of Applied Finance and Finance India. He has received the Young Teacher Award from AIMS.

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