ISBN 9789350640951,Iron Irom Two Journeys

Iron Irom Two Journeys


Minnie Vaid


Rajpal Prakashan



Rajpal Prakashan

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9789350640951

ISBN-10 9350640953


Number of Pages 140 Pages
Language (English)

Politics & government

anything. She cleans her teeth with thy cotton and her lips with spirit so as not to sully her fast. Her body is wasted inside. Her menstrual cycles have stopped. Yet she is resolute. What is the mason behind her extraordinary decision? She single-handedly spearheads the movement against the Armed Forces Special Powers Act, or AFSPA, in force in the seven north eastern states and Jammu and Kashmir. She continues her hunger strike year after long and lonely year, using her body as her weapon and the traditional satyagraha form as her method of protest. What makes her protest unusual is that, rather than being an intellectual construct, it is a deep human response to the death and violence around her. What lies ahead for Sharmila and her non-violent struggle? How many years will it take for the authorities to take note of her silent protest? No one has the answers, not even Sharmila. While her achingly poignant poem Birth provides a glimpse intothe mind of a remarkable woman, the hard-hitting report Where the Abnormal Ls Normal by Minnie Vaid reveals the extent of public fear and damage caused by the Indian government's unrelenting stance on AFSPA