ISBN 9789350183755,Islam In Orissa: A Fascinating Socio-cultural Study

Islam In Orissa: A Fascinating Socio-cultural Study



Readworthy Publications (P) Ltd.

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789350183755

ISBN-10 9350183757


Number of Pages 214 Pages
Language (English)


The history of Orissan culture is one of continuity, effusion and enrichments among different traditions and beliefs. With the entry of Islam into Orissa synthesis occurred in socio-cultural sphere. In fact, the Islamic involvement in Orissa is the account of reconciliation and cooperation between the Hindus and the Muslims.
In this book, an attempt has been made to trace the advent of Islam in Orissa. Critically examined the available contemporary and later sources to comprehend the realm of syncretic social set-up, reconcile religious system and viable trade and commerce during and post-Islamic intervention in Orissa. The origin and universality of Sufism has also been highlighted.
About the Author

Dr. Mohammed Yamin (b. 1971) is a faculty in History at C.J. Degree College, Borda, Kalahandi, Orissa. He has written extensively on the issues concerning history, culture and Sufi studies. His research papers have been published in various journals of repute. Also, he has participated in a good number of national and international seminars. He earned his Associateship in Indian Institute of Advanced studies, Shimla.
Table of Contents:
Preface--Advent of Islam in Orissa--Syncretic Society--Religious Reconciliation--Viable Trade and Commerce--Conclusion--Glossary--Appendix I--Appendix II--Appendix III--Bibliography--Index