ISBN 9788121207553,Islam, Women And Gender Justice

Islam, Women And Gender Justice



Gyan Publishing House

Publication Year 2001

ISBN 9788121207553

ISBN-10 812120755X

Hard Back

Number of Pages 370 Pages
Language (English)
The Muslim women in India Face a host of problems. It is generally believed that these women face only of Legal Nature and that if Muslim Personal Law is reformed, i.e., triple divorce and polygamy abolished, everything will be all right for them. It is far from true. These women face several problems such as complex problems apart from legal ones. They also face economic, educational, communal problems as well as related to health. It is very important to understand all these problems in order to appreciate Muslim women's problems.Recently an all-India seminar was held in Mumbai in which subject experts, scholars and activists from different Fields were invited to present their papers and discuss various problems. These papers throw light on all these aspects by scholars and activists of repute in their respective fields have been collected in this volume and edited by Dr. Asghar Ali Engineer, himself an expert in shari'ah matters and an activist for the cause of the rights of Muslim women. In order to understand the problems of Muslim women both for academics as well as activists, this volume is an essential reading. These papers discuss not only mere theoretical and Academic issues but also the Concrete problems and what could be done to solve these. Thus this volume will serve a very useful purpose for an Integrated understanding of problems which arc being faced by Muslim women in India.