ISBN 9789380349008,It Happened That Night: A Tale Of Love, Deceit And Murder

It Happened That Night: A Tale Of Love, Deceit And Murder


Akash Verma


Srishti Publisher



Srishti Publisher

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789380349008

ISBN-10 9380349009


Number of Pages 150 Pages
Language (English)

In the darkness of that night truth lost its identity. Caught in between this labyrinth of love, a high end job with a beverage MNC and the cold blooded murder of an employee is Chandan Verma, the Marketing Manager of The Uni-Cola Company, the world's largest soft drink giant.

"It Happened That Night" is the journey of a 28 year old modern Indian professional of self realization and decoding life in its various human forms. Chandan the protagonist discovers facets of love, hate, sacrifice and other varying emotions across a series of personal encounters that touch his life in the city of Ahmedabad. The story is set in the year 2002 when the prosperous state of Gujarat along with the entire nation was pushed back into global obscurity due to grisly riots that spread across the land. 

Chandan is an archetypal ambitious urban professional and wants to win in everything, over his lazy subordinate DK Sanyal, with his boss Sumo a.k.a Tiger and even over arguments with her soul-mate Bhavna. Everything should work his way. He is blindly living a life that he thinks is right. Chandan's life is dazzled with excitement as Bhavna enters it. They start a relationship after some engaging encounters but the going is not so easy. 

Chandan is witness to a murder that unfortunately concerns his own company workforce. Sumo his boss wants him to withhold this information to media as it's a half baked story and Chandan himself is caught within nervousness and a sliding will power. Bhavna his lover on the other hand wants him to come out in the open and stand up for truth and justice for Anwar, the murdered employee. Chandan is scared to pay a price for speaking the truth. It could mean an uncalled conflict within The Uni Cola Company. On the flip side it could end up causing irrevocable damage to his relationship with his Gandhian valued soul-mate Bhavna. This conflict within his own self is killing him when he wants to live. 

Will Chandan survive?