ISBN 9781482849509,It Rarely Happens : Be Strong Be Brave Be Confident

It Rarely Happens : Be Strong Be Brave Be Confident






Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9781482849509

ISBN-10 148284950X


Number of Pages 180 Pages
Language (English)


As soon as she replied yes to me, she went away from the class out of shyness and didnt want to face me anymore right there. She left and all the girls present there were smiling at me, as if I had won a battle and they were there to welcome me with a smile. One of them was so happy and excited as if she had received the question paper before the exam. For me, it was just like any dream that I proposed any girl for the first time ever and it got accepted. I was like in the seventh world, it seemed like everything had stopped for a moment. I was continuously staring at the gate from where Tamannah left the class. My friends too were standing over there, but I couldnt find a sight of them. I was just lost. All my friends were calling me to come out of the class, but I couldnt even hear them nor could I see them. For me, I was still at that moment when Tamannah was at the gate with a shying smile on her face, keeping her head down and moving out by escaping from her friends. Everything slowed down slowly and I could grab each and every moment and captured it in my eyes.