ISBN 9789380349183,It's All About Love...: Matters Not Whom You Fall In Love With

It's All About Love...: Matters Not Whom You Fall In Love With


Tanveer Singh


Srishti Books



Srishti Books

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9789380349183

ISBN-10 9380349181


Number of Pages 184 Pages
Language (English)


The book is a journey through the age of confusion and exploration ? the late teens, a path through growing up adventures and trysts that must be secret, even in the relative permissiveness of post Gen-Y India. It is a battle on many fronts and the one that cannot be lost is the battle with a debilitating nerve condition ? a battle aided by medicine, doctors and good wishes; and yet has to be fought all alone. When the mists clear there is Rupali, the object of a slight crush... and the vision blurs again. Tanveer Singh's debut novel is your visa to a world most of us have seen from a distance and none too clearly. Could you take the plunge? About the Author 24 years old Tanveer Singh is a law student based in Ludhiana. A topper in academics, he has participated in various debates and seminars, and has been consistently good sportsman representing his college as well as the State in Hammer Throw in various athletic meets. He aspires to be an eminent Jurist or civil servant and wants to work for Human Rights. He wishes to explore issues which have been neglected thus far and try to unveil their positive aspects to that social equality and justice prevail. He is currently attached with Crime Against Women & Children (Prevention) Cell of Ludhiana Police.