ISBN 9780753825525,J.G. Farrell

J.G. Farrell


J. G. Farrell






Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9780753825525

ISBN-10 075382552X


Number of Pages 320 Pages
Language (English)

Literature & Fiction

During the time of the Great Indian Mutiny of 1857, British India is a medley of Victorian daily routines and the sheer contrast of Indian life. The Europeans in the village of Krishnapur are bored with the heat, the class differences and the pursuit of pastimes which are obviously meant for a cooler climate. When news of the Mutiny breaks through, it first affects cities far away. However, not even Krishnapur is far enough to escape the attack. The Europeans withdraw into the confines of the Residency and a long siege begins. Soon, the basic necessities begin to run out and people begin to go mad from the lack of simple requirements like food and water. Disease runs rampant in the Residency and these once genteel men and women begin to eat insects and consort across the class lines. A black comedy and a horrific tale of desperation, this book shows how the Indian civilians await the massacre of their cruel masters, taunting them with food and water as they gather for a picnic to watch them burn. About J. G. Farrell James Gordon Farrell was an Irish novelist born in Liverpool. His Empire Trilogy begins with Troubles and ends in The Singapore Grip. The above title received the 1973 Booker Prize.