ISBN 9780553505405,Jack Reacher Lee Child Killing Floor

Jack Reacher Lee Child Killing Floor


Lee Child


Random House



Random House

Publication Year 1998

ISBN 9780553505405

ISBN-10 0553505408


Number of Pages 528 Pages
Language (English)

Literary theory

Jack Reacher: Killing Floor is the first Jack Reacher story, the book that introduces the tough ex-military cop. In this book, Reacher becomes the accused in a homicide in a remote little town. Summary Of The Book Jack Reacher, just recently discharged from military service, is traveling incognito. Paying his way through in cash and leaving no paper trail, Reacher is traveling under assumed names, going wherever his whim takes him. The plot of Jack Reacher: Killing Floor centers around Reacher's decision to make a stopover at a small town in Georgia. Margrave has been a quiet little town until just then. But now things have been stirred up with a homicide, the first in thirty years. The local cops latch on to the only stranger in town, Reacher, as a convenient suspect and throw him in jail. But Jack Reacher happens to be an ex-military cop, and he is not a guy to mess with. When the identity of the murdered man is revealed, it adds a very personal stake in the game for Reacher. Now, he is intent on finding out just who set him up for the fall, and why so many corpses are turning up in a once quiet town. Among the local officials, he has the help of just two people. The chief-of-detective, and a smart and attractive female officer. Using some information that Reacher got from his short time cellmate Paul Hubble, a local banker, they begin to dig. Hubble has disappeared and his wife also enlists Reacher's help in finding him. The story is action-packed and fast paced. As the reason behind the killings is revealed, Jack Reacher: Killing Floor proves to be a high-stakes game which has consequences that go far beyond Margrave. About Lee Child Jim Grant, better known under his pen name of Lee Child, is a British author of thriller fiction. Other books by him include Echo Burning, Tripwire, Die Trying, The Enemy, Bad Luck and Trouble, and Nothing To Lose. Lee Child started his career in the television industry. He was with Granada Television for several years as Presentation Director. He worked on popular shows like Prime Suspect and The Jewel In The Crown. After losing his job due to corporate restructuring, he took to writing novels. He set his books in America, centered on a former military cop named Jack Reacher. His first novel, Killing Floor, was published in 1997, and it won the Anthony Award for Best First Novel. He moved to the US in 1998. One of the Jack Reacher novels has been adapted into a movie in 2012.