ISBN 9788126519583,Jack Welch Speaks: Wit and Wisdom from the World's Greatest Business Leader

Jack Welch Speaks: Wit and Wisdom from the World's Greatest Business Leader



Times Group Books - New Delhi

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788126519583

ISBN-10 8126519584


Number of Pages 304 Pages
Language (English)


Janet Lowe presents in Jack Welch's own words the insights, visions, and philosophies that have guided Welch throughout his extraordinary career at General Electric and his post-GE life. Called by some one of the leading CEOs of all time, Welch re-invigorated General Electric from an aging electronics manufacturer beset by foreign competitors into a world class company that provided superb returns to investors. In retirement, Welch has emerged as perhaps the most respected voice in the world on matters of corporate management and business success. In this heavily revised and updated edition of Jack Welch Speaks, Janet Lowe intersperses her comments with extensive quotes from Welch on executive compensation, business ethics and other issues that plague corporate America. But most importantly, Lowe finds in Welch's own words the ideas and values that enabled Welch to transform GE and emerge as the world's most-lauded CEOs. TABLE OF CONTENTS Acknowledgments Introduction Part I: In One Decade: From Letterman to Seinfeld an American Odyssey Growing Up in Salem The First to Go to College Sports Were Everything Ice Can t Form on a Swift-Moving Stream Take This Job and Do It Part II: Qualities of A Leader: Welch Style The Challenge: To Be Fair The Temperament of a Boss The Thrill of Victory A Typical Meeting with Chairman Welch Humor Us Part III: Welch's World: General Electric The Engine Called General Electric GE: Just an Everyday $163 Billion Family Store Beyond National Borders. Hero The Holy City GE Jargon Dirty Diamonds and Other GE Scandals Part IV: The Fabric of Leadership Be a Leader, Not a Manager No Ideas du Jour The Trap: Measuring Everything, Understanding Nothing Don t Sell Hats to Each Other Share Information The Creed Four Types of Leaders The Best Mutual Fund in the World Part V: Welch, The Change Agent Change Before You Have To Go for the Leap Managing Paradox Productivity: Unlimited Juice in the Lemon Part VI: The Hardware Revolution Putting Money on the Right Gambles Three Big Circles Be Number 1 or Number 2: A Concept That Should Be Gone Flattening the GE Wedding Cake Downsizing Honey, I Shrunk GE Part VII: The Software Revolution The Soft Values Workout Simplicity Speed Self-Confi dence Labor Unions A Boundaryless GE Searching the Planet for the Best Practices Teamwork Stretch Six Sigma Quality It All Comes Out in the Wash Part VIII: Taking Stock Fail Your Way to Success Welch s Critics The German Point of View Being a Good Citizen Work/Life Balance How Much Is Leadership Worth? What Made Jack Welch a Success? Part IX: The Rocky Road to Retirement The Race for Jack s Job How the Contenders Have Done The Honeywell Hustle Honeywell after GE GE after Jack Part X: The Reinvention of Jack Welch Falling in Love Back at Harvard Business Review: A Moral Dilemma Who Is Suzy? The Dirty Divorce Passing Back the Perks The Wedding The New Couple The John F. Welch College of Business Jack s New Career Part XI: Summing UP General Electric and Jack Welch - A Chronology Endnotes Permissions