ISBN 9781482848441,Jagte Raho

Jagte Raho


Partridge India



Partridge India

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9781482848441

ISBN-10 1482848449

Paper Back

Number of Pages 162 Pages
Language (English)
Raghu Dayal is shaken up on the 30th December night by a night watchman shouting jagte raho (keep awake). Was he being awaken to the new realities coming his way by the Universe itself? His life is about to go in a super fast lane so much so that he will not get time to even think a blink. He must find his real mind and life between his perceived reality and his own hallucinations. In this fast paced thriller, he will need to find his lost acquired friends to uncover an ancient secret that is going to blow his mind away. In his quest for finding the truth, he will be forced to find his real self first. He cannot unearth the labyrinth of the magical mind without a true accomplish. Can he trust Riya Kundu in the quest? Will he find his life and love in Poonam Aggarwal? Will he find out his own true mind and his true strengths?

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