ISBN 9788186734308,James Hadley Chase Have a nice Night

James Hadley Chase Have a nice Night



Mastermind Publication

Publication Year 2000

ISBN 9788186734308

ISBN-10 8186734309


Number of Pages 132 Pages
Language (English)
Serge Maisky had a record as long as your arm. In and out of jail all his life, he'd dreamed for years of the Big Steal that would set him up for good. Now he was all set to make it. He'd bribed one of the girls who worked in the vaults of the Paradise City casino. Nothing, but nothing was going to stand between Maisky, his four specially-recruited accomplices and all that loot. Especially not some punk of a guard who turned up just at the wrong moment. And it was just their tough luck if his partners-in-crime got themselves shot in the belly by a girl they'd taken time out to rape or knocked off by the cops. All to the good, in fact, as far as Maisky was concerned--it meant more money for him. So when lovely Sheila and her husband Tom heisted all this hard-earned cash from him. Maisky, got mad. Real mad ...