ISBN 9788172344801,Japji Sahib : Way to God in Sikhism - Book 1

Japji Sahib : Way to God in Sikhism - Book 1



Prakash Books India Pvt.Ltd

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9788172344801

ISBN-10 8172344805


Number of Pages 366 Pages
Language (English)


Sikhism is the youngest of the major world religions and the most modern and egalitarian in its practice. The scriptural authority for its followers is the Gurbani in the Sri Guru Granth Sahib. Japji Sahib is the quintessential bani and the key to the philosophy expounded by the Gurus. Guru Nanaks Japji Sahib: Way to God in Sikhism by Maneshwar S. Chahal is a unique presentation in that, before offering well-reasoned conclusions, it puts forth many a point of view and not just any single interpretation of the verses. It will help the lay reader to easily understand the Gurus message and offer the scholar ready material for deeper study of this vast subject. At the beginning of the book has been added the text of the verses of Japji in Roman script, as also in Gurmukhi for those who would want to also experience the joy of chanting the bani.