ISBN 9780070702097,Java Programming: A Practical Approach

Java Programming: A Practical Approach



Tata Mcgraw Hill Education Private Limited

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9780070702097

ISBN-10 0070702098


Number of Pages 852 Pages
Language (English)

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Java Programming: A Practical Approach is intended for students of all computer science and information technology degree and diploma courses, taking a paper on Java programming. This book is written in a lucid style explaining every single concept with apt examples, the right illustrations accompanying a program and the best possible laboratory exercises. Hundreds of Lab Projects and Industry Projects make the book handy for students as well as practitioners. Salient Features Pure object-oriented approach Detailed explanations for Windows, Graphical User Interface and Remote Method Invocation Swings and AWT given equal importance Applets and Windows given balanced approach Elaborate coverage of Networking and Socket Programming with complete examples Detailed real-life examples with table structures, connectivity and processing of database data in the chapter on JDBC Real-life examples on Servlets Provides various program designing steps, for example, Problem Specification, High Level Design, Methods Design, Test Cases, Output along with screenshots to demonstrates the implementation of examples and Projects 4 Industry Projects More than 150 real-life projects for laboratory exercises Over 250 objective-type questions with answers TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Introduction to Java 2. Elements of the Java Language 3. Objects and Classes 4. Attributes and Methods 5. Control Structures 6. Loop Structures 7. Data Structures 8. Inheritance, Interfaces and Packages 9. Windows and Applets 10. Graphics Class 11. AWT GUI Components Button, Label, Checkbox, Choice and List 12. AWT Text Components and Menu 13. Swings 14. Events and Exception Handling 15. Multithreading 16. Remote Method Invocation 17. Java Database Connectivity 18. Java Servlet 19. Network Programming