ISBN 9789351436171,Jigeesha’s Economic & Social Development in India for Civil Services (Preliminary) Examinations

Jigeesha’s Economic & Social Development in India for Civil Services (Preliminary) Examinations






Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9789351436171

ISBN-10 9351436179


Number of Pages 536 Pages
Language (English)
Jigeesha’s Economic & Social Development in India is a comprehensive book designed for UPSC aspirants preparing for the preliminary examinations. The text is divided into five parts—Indian Public Finance, Economic and Social development, Quick Review Sheets, Important Topics of Indian Economy, and Question Banks. Indian Public Finance covers topics such as five year planning, public finance, tax structure and capital market in India. Economic and Social development covers agriculture, industry, inflation, poverty, inequality and unemployment. The Quick Review Sheets, as the name signifies, are a quick read and recall tool to facilitate last-minute revision. Thereafter some important topics of Indian economy such as economic reforms in India and commercial banking are discussed. Finally, the Question Banks provide questions based on the original question pattern along with the answer keys.
Beginning with the basics and progressing in a step-by-step manner, all topics are handled in a comprehensive manner. This will allow the reader ample opportunity to grasp the concepts and practise applicative techniques in a focused manner. The book is a complete course in specific topics, and will help the aspirant to prepare for any changes in format, or in question types, in the actual examination.

Key Features
• Provides information in easy to assimilate forms such as bulleted lists, tables, charts
• Supports information such as banking and taxation structure in India, circular flow of income with illustrations and flowcharts
• Features curve diagrams to represent information relating to inflation, inequality, tax rate and tax revenue
• Provides about 56 previous years’ questions, as part of the topic-wise Quick Review Sheets, from high-importance topics, with year-wise tagging, along with answer keys
• Includes a bank of 121 economics questions based on the original question pattern
• Includes solved questions on economics and social development from the 2015 CS preliminary examination