ISBN 9789351432999,Jigeeshas Civil Services (Preliminary) Examinations History Of India & Indian National Movement

Jigeeshas Civil Services (Preliminary) Examinations History Of India & Indian National Movement








Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789351432999

ISBN-10 9351432998


Number of Pages 728 Pages
Language (English)


The Civil Services Examination Is One That Has Undergone Changes Over The Decades Sometimes Apparent, Sometimes Subtle. It Is Bound To Continue To Do So, In Keeping With Changing Circumstances In Work Environment. This Means That Aspirants Should Be Ready With Conceptual Understanding And The Ability To Apply These Concepts, Rather Than Just Proficiency With Question Types. That Is The Objective That These Series Of Books Serve, Unlike That Of Format Driven Practice That Other Books Focus On. Topics Are Handled In A Comprehensive Manner, Beginning From The Basics And Progressing In A Step-By-Step Manner. This Allows The Student Ample Opportunity To Grasp The Finer Points Of Concepts, And To Practice Applicative Techniques In A Focused Manner. These Books Are, Therefore, A Complete Course In Specific Topics, And Will Help The Student Prepare For Any Changes In Format, Or In Question Types, In The Actual Examination.

Table Of Contents : -

Part A: Academic Abstracts
Unit I: Ancient India Notes
1. Sources Of Ancient Indian History
2. India - Physical Features
3. Pre-Historic Culture In India
4. Chalcolithic Culture
5. Iron Age
6. Harrappan Civilisation
7. The Early Vedic Period
8. The Later Vedic Period (1000 Bc - 600 Bc)
9. Buddhism And Jainism
10. State Formation And Urbanization
11. Persian And Greek Invasions
12. The Mauryas
13. Political Developments In North India (Post Mauryan)
14. The Satavahanas
15. Contribution Of Chalukyas To Art And Architecture
16. Central Asian Kings