ISBN 9780070993297,Jigs And Fixtures

Jigs And Fixtures



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 1989

ISBN 9780070993297

ISBN-10 0070993297


Number of Pages 368 Pages
Language (English)

Mechanical engineering

Table of Contents External Clamps External Equalizing Clamps without Lock External Equalizing Clamps with Lock External Pull Down Clamps External Equalizing Pull down Clamps External Swing Clamps External Equalizing Clamps with Floating Cam Internal Clamps Internal Pull Down Clamps Internal Equalizing Pull Down Clamps Internal Two-Position Clamps Cam Clamps Centering Toe Clamps Clamping in the Rear Underneath Clamps Pusher Clamps Knife Clamps Two Directional Clamping Combination Clamping Raising the Parts Strap Clamps Walking Strap Clamps Wedge Clamps Vacuum Clamping Vise Type Clamps Vise Jaws Multiple Loading Toggle Link Clamping Collets (External) Collets (Internal) Chucks Chuck Jaws Diaphragm Clamping Automatic Clamping Jacks Jacks with Built-in-Lock Jacks (Double) Jack (Double Equalizing) Jacks (Equalizing) Jack (Leveling) Power Sources for Clamp Posts Indexing Mandrels Bushing Plates Lids Quick Releases Equalizers Shaft Clamping Hammer Action Holding the Part Lathe Centers Nut Locks Lathe Clamps Plungers Positioners Limit Switches Ratchets Vee blocks C-Washers Miscellaneous Special Tools What is Wrong with This Design? Small Details for Beginners Answers to Problems in WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS DESIGN Index follows Answers to Problems.

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