ISBN 9788192637310,Jottings as Paintings Of Ganesh Pyne

Jottings as Paintings Of Ganesh Pyne



Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9788192637310

ISBN-10 819263731X

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Number of Pages 126 Pages
Language (English)

The Arts

Pyne had a surprising ability to draw his viewers in. His art demands intimate attention not only by its imagery but also by the superlative quality of technical (artistic) skill present in abundance in his art, including these 'jottings'. This feature in his art also serves to silence his detractors whose techno-centric art making often succeeds the other way round. The dominant role that Nationality of the artist plays in their art is, while viewing these 'jottings' at close range answers forcefully without being obvious, an eloquently silent performance that merits repeated viewing and demand scholarly attention in larger measures. This book contains 3 short essays followed by, near-lifesize reproduction of a large number of jottings of Ganesh Pyne. Jotting as Paintings of Ganesh Pyne was formally released at India Art Fair 2014 on the eve of a museum grade solo presentation (Germinal, curated by Arun Ghose) by Sanchit Art, showcasing Ganesh Pyne's jottings.