ISBN 9789381162989,Joy of Teaching

Joy of Teaching


C. Balaji


Ane Books Pvt. Ltd



Ane Books Pvt. Ltd

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789381162989

ISBN-10 9381162980

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Language (English)

Teaching of a specific subject

Teaching and learning are as old as civilization. The inventions of printing press and computers have been watersheds in the history of development of teaching. In the last few years, Google and Wikipedia, among others, have been game changers in the teaching and learning process. All of these have emerged as both "threats" and "opportunities" to teachers and we are now at the crossroads. The teacher of today is expected to teach not only more but also "more clearly and insightfully" than what is available in the internet or elsewhere, in an age where attention spans of students are decreasing rapidly. Even so, conventional teaching is hard to be supplanted. It can at best be supplemented by several other resources.

This book is an attempt to place teaching in the contemporary context and examine ways of making it a real joy. Many of the ideas advocated in this book are based on the authors experience of teaching bright young minds for nearly twenty years.