ISBN 9788183861250,Juggernaut : A2 MC Bodmas

Juggernaut : A2 MC Bodmas


Akbar Agha


4 Hour Books



4 Hour Books

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9788183861250

ISBN-10 8183861253

Paper Back

Number of Pages 250 Pages
Language (English)

War & Military

Jagernath". The last word of a dying man is the only clue foreign minister Sadia Sharif's ex-ADC Captain Gul Khan has when he foils an assassination bid on a top military general closely linked to Pakistan's nuclear programme. CIA's dirty blonde agent Eve, who had volunteered to assist Gul Khan while asking for his help in catching an American-turned-native terrorist, ends up dead in her hotel room in Peshawar. Sadia Sharif struggles with the tricky diplomatic situation with the United States.

Gul Khan is further confounded when Col. Amjad - the psychiatrist in-charge of ensuring the well-being of the men with their finger on Pakistan's N-bomb trigger-turns up dead, the words A2 MC Badmas written in blood next to his body. The pieces on the chessboard refuse to fall in place. Time is of the essence, with India and Pakistan both stockpiling a surfeit of nuclear weapons. The only hope lies in the captain cracking the algebraic equation on the wall. Can Gul tie up all loose ends and save the day even as Sadia Sharif puts in her papers in protest against attacks by American drones on Pakistani soil? Or will the events spiral out of control resulting in a nuclear holocaust?

About the Author

Akbar Agha is an Pakistani ex-diplomat who served inter alia as Charge D'a aires to Romania and acting High Commissioner to Sri Lanka and Tanzania. He lives in Pakistan and devotes his time to writing