ISBN 9780761936473,Justice : Political, Social, Juridical

Justice : Political, Social, Juridical


SAGE India



SAGE India

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9780761936473

ISBN-10 0761936475

Hard Back

Number of Pages 325 Pages
Language (English)


This book looks at concepts of justice from points of view of various religious and cultural traditions (Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Cosmopolitanism, Tribal Cultures) and different methodological perspectives (historical, theological, philosophical, sociological). One common thread in these essays is the reflection on ethics universally and reference to the basic values of the Indian constitution. People from different backgrounds were included in the dialogue process on justice that lead to this publication. This volume attempts to express the opinions of people whose voices were not very prominent in theoretical debates on justice and its practical implications. Their perspectives on justice are contrasted with mainstream conceptions of justice, whose representativeness for India today is thereby challenged. Both plain universalism and relativism lack a common point of reference to assess relevance and adequacy of a given conception of justice. Neither plain universalism nor relativism defined by traditional norms is sustainable. The contributors offer a concept of `internal universalism` as an alternative to plain universalism. Combining various forms and stages of `reflective equilibrium` as conceived by John Rawls, this framework provides us with the necessary reference point to assess the relevance and adequacy of conceptions of justice and engage in a comprehensive dialogue on questions of justice. Table of Contents Preface HELMUT REIFELD Introduction MICHAEL DUSCHE I. REFLECTIONS OF JUSTICE IN RELIGIOUS TRADITIONS AND BEYOND Natural Inequality: Conceptualizing Justice in Brahmanical Discourses KUNAL CHAKRABARTI Justice and Political Authority in Medieval Indian Islam NAJAF HAIDER Traditional Conceptions of Justice in Christianity GERHARD KRUIP World Society and Global Justice: A Cosmopolitan Perspective MICHAEL DUSCHE II. REFLECTIONS OF JUSTICE IN LITERARY TRADITIONS Poetic and Social Justice: Some Reflections on the Premchand-Dalit Controversy ALOK RAI Representation and Testimony: Anand`s Novels and the Problem of Justice UDAYA KUMAR III: DEMANDING JUSTICE Slum Development as a Justice Forum ROMA CHATTERJEE Environment and Justice: The `Public` Purpose of Water SATYAJIT SINGH Class, Democracy and Conceptions of Justice in India VIDHU VERMA Tribe and Justice VIRGINIUS XAXA Index