ISBN 9789381239070,Kabhi Love Bites Kabhi Love Bytes

Kabhi Love Bites Kabhi Love Bytes


Aparna Nair


Zorba Publishers



Zorba Publishers

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9789381239070

ISBN-10 938123907X


Number of Pages 145 Pages
Language (English)

Love and Romance

Meera, a young confident girl was leading a happening life in the Bangalore city. Her independent life with her wonderful friends took a 360 turn when she is bitten by the bug called Love. Meeras life changes when she comes across a dashing young man, Maanav who clean bowls her with his magical charm. Indeed first love is unforgettable, beautiful and amazing. Meera did experience the ultimate prowess of love with Maanav. She was never so happy. Then what traumatized her so much that she didnt see the huge car which hit her in Mumbai? Does she survive that accident? What inspires her to lead her way into the world of Fame and Fortune? Set across three cities Kabhi Love Bites Kabhi Love Bytes is a riveting tale of our protagonist Meera Vardhan and her journey of Love. Packed with romance, friendship, laughter, tears and numerous twists and turns, Kabhi Love Bites Kabhi Love Bytes is one book which will make you believe in love, fall in love, all over again. It is a coming of age novel of todays generation which explores the power of love and tells us how it can be our biggest weakness and also our biggest strength. This book is fast and fun to read, right up to the last page. Yes at times Love does bite but again at the end of the day its Love Bytes.