ISBN 9788121500005,Kabir And The Kabir Panth

Kabir And The Kabir Panth



Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9788121500005

ISBN-10 8121500001

Hard Back

Edition 3rd
Number of Pages 118 Pages
Language (English)


Kabir and the Kabir Panth gives in brief the details of Sant Kabir's life, his teachings, his Sakhis and the sectarian organization of Kabir Panth, its formation, growth, schism, rituals, and teachings. Among the saints of India, Kabir occupies pre-eminent position; for he is a pioneer among those who brought about an understanding and study between the adherents of Hinduism and Islam. The author has tried to avoid dogmatizing on questions that call for fuller investigation; but we have at any rate in the teaching of Kabir an attempt to break down the barriers that separate Hindus from Muhammadans, and we have probably in the Kabir Panth a religious system that owes something to Hindu, Muhammadan and Christian influences. His teachings transcend all barriers. Even a casual glance at his Sakhis is enough to attest to the university of his message. It is hoped that this study will increase the interest already felt by many in the various religious sects that have been called into existence in India through the efforts of distinguished personages.