ISBN 9788172344726,Kabuko the Djinn

Kabuko the Djinn


Hamraz Ahsan



Prakash Books India

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9788172344726

ISBN-10 8172344724


Number of Pages 292 Pages
Language (English)

Literature & Fiction

Kabuko the djinn is the evocative story of a djinn who journeys through human life in search of occult knowledge. Wishing to study the dynamics of the human species for himself, in order to unearth the secrets of human power, Kabuko enters the body of Ajee Shah, a boy born in post-independence Punjab, Pakistan. As Kabuko loses himself to the trials and tribulations of living an ordinary yet intrinsically exceptional human life through Ajee, sex and the supernatural collide, entangling them both in a cataclysmic event that is to change their lives forever. Woven throughout this tapestry of youthful yearnings and a desire for transcendental knowledge are real secrets of the Islamic occult, true stories of Muslim saints and the folklore of the Punjab.

Hamraz Ahsan is a seasoned journalist and syndicated columnist with over 30 years experience in Urdu print media. He has researched and written on various social and anthropological subjects, including work on the remote tribes of Punjab. He is a published poet and is author of Tibbiaan Uttey Chhaavaan (Shades on Dunes), a collection of Punjabi poems; Muqeem Bi Masafar (The Settler is also a Nomad), a collection of Urdu poems; and Par Samundraan Walley (Trapped on the Other Side of the Ocean), Punjabi short poems about the immigrant experience in Britain. He is also the author of Harf-e-saadaa (A Simple Word), a collection of his Urdu newspaper columns. His most recent poetry book is a book of Punjabi Sufi-inspired quatrains.

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