ISBN 9789381394199,Kachchi Sharab Ki Katran

Kachchi Sharab Ki Katran


Hind Yugm



Hind Yugm

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789381394199

ISBN-10 9381394199


Number of Pages 112 Pages
Language (Hindi)


The book, though containing a series of poems calling out to the beloved , can be best summarized when said, "for all those who have loved and lost ''. Each poem catagorised as a sip of un-distilled wine, is actually raw in its essence and full in its flavour of romanticism and mystery which becomes evident through the smallest of feelings expressed in words dripping of a brew containing love as the active agent. The 'lost' feeling is equally overpowering when the poem pines for the dearly loved and bestows upon Him, the adjective of the 'supreme' and in the light of endearment and affection, asks for 'nirvana'. The cup of life brims with the grape juice and still the love remains thirsty and the need for quenching this thirst results in the letters of affection in a poem, and nonetheless the poems remain invisible on the paper of life..! Such is the mystery unveiled in each sip of bottled poetry.

About the Author
Swati Bhalotia is an Indian writer who resides in the city of London , and has been writing for more than 15 years .Her poems exuberates the black magic of Bengal and the vastness and wetness of the Mediterranean resulting in the cool breeze of the United Kingdom .She hails from the historical city of Kolkata ,the award winner of ' Nirmal Sharma' for scoring the highest in Hindi in Kolkata University , a qualified Hindi teacher and is a self taught artist in the process of getting trained at The London Art Academy in professional painting and sculpture.