ISBN 9788187853640,Kalamkari : Figures And Designs

Kalamkari : Figures And Designs



English Edition Publishers

Publication Year 2004

ISBN 9788187853640

ISBN-10 8187853646


Number of Pages 60 Pages
Language (English)


Prior to the Industrial era, the natural dyes obtained fromdifferent sources of nature were very much in use in spite of the complicatedprocedure involved in the use of these dyes to get the required penetration andpermanence of color. Kalamkari - the famous form of art expression by the useof vegetable dyes on cotton fabrics is yet prevalent in Kalahasti of AndhraPradesh in India. Kalam is a pen/brush like instrument prepared from abamboo stick, fashioned by the painters themselves to apply mordant on thefabric and thus the term 'Kalamkari' get associated with the dyeing of pre-wovencotton fabric. The themes remain mythological accompanied with ornamentalborder patterns and animal forms. The southIndian temples have a deep influence upon the craftsman and thus their works significantlybring alive the figurative elements on cloth. The utility of these patternedcotton textile differs as per the social practice. They are usually used as ameans of decoration or as functional hangings, at times they are used forwrapping and covering and very rarely in costumes. FigurativeKalamkari represents the most fascinating illustrations of the dyer's art. Theinevitable aesthetic content and intricate craft activity have been combinedessentially to produce these marvellous works of art. This book presents a widerange of figures and designs made by using this intricate artform.