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Tarun Chopra


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Prakash Books

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9788172341589

ISBN-10 817234158X


Language (English)


Kamasutra by Tarun Chopra is a modern illustrated book based on an ancient treatise of the same name. It deals with human sexual and religious behavior as defined by Vatsyayana in the older version. Summary Of The Book Having withstood the test of time, the original Kama Sutra is perhaps the most notable of a group of texts generically known as the Kama Shastra. It is without doubt the oldest composition on human sexual behavior that throws light on the social and political psyche of ancient India. It is a great source for understanding the culture prevalent in one of the oldest living civilizations of the world. This edition of Kamasutra is a modern interpretation by Tarun Chopra. Erroneously considered worldwide as a guide on sex, Kamasutra is a reflection of the values and culture present in ancient India. It deals with the philosophical implications of lovemaking and focuses on concepts such as the duties of lovers to each other, mannerisms lovers must adopt to respect and entertain one another, transforming weakened sexual power, and the religious and political duties of a man and his wife towards each other. The text allows readers to absorb what is best for them to walk down a path of spiritual fulfillment. Works and art inspired by Vatsyayana are included in this abridged edition as photographs and illustrations. The sculptures shown in the book are a representation of the art and architecture of various ancient and medieval temples of the Indian subcontinent, while the miniature paintings have been taken from different private collections. About Tarun Chopra Tarun Chopra is an author from New Delhi. His books have been published in many countries. He has written books like Majestic India, which was a coffee table book published in 1995, The Soul Of India, Exotic Indian Interiors, The Holy Cow And Other Indian Stories, India - Exotic Destination, and Jain Temples Of India. The love of the Spanish language and culture compelled Tarun Chopra to spend a few years in Madrid before he returned to India. He began his career as a travel photographer and his work has been regularly published in the UK, USA, and Spain. Chopra has always been inspired by the colors and the culture of Rajasthan.