ISBN 9789350880081,Karl Marx: The Founder Of Communism

Karl Marx: The Founder Of Communism


P. K. Das



Mahaveer Publishers

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9789350880081

ISBN-10 9350880083


Number of Pages 240 Pages
Language (English)

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About The Book: Karl Marx: The Founder Of Communism Karl Marx, The Founder Of Communism Was Born In Trier, In Thekingdom Of Prussias Province. He Was Among Those Selectedpersonalities Who Led Their Own Way And Showed A Path For Theworld. He Graduated From The Trier Gymnasium And Earned A Doctratein 1841. Marx Was Greatly Influenced By German Idealist Philosophy,French Socialism And English And Scottish Political Economy. Beingan Ardent Supporter Of Communism, He Always Agreed That Capitalismwill End If The International Working Class Will Perform Organizedactions Led By A Communist Party. His Thoughts And Ideology Becamethe Base Of Communism Especially In Russia. He Was Not Only Ascholar But An Appraiser Of Scholars Too Like Charles Darwin. Itcan Also Not Be Denied That He Was Criticised For His Ideologies.While Marx Was A Relatively Obscure Figure In His Own Lifetime, Hisideas Began To Exert A Major Influence On Workers Movements Shortlyafter His Death. A Statement By Frederick Engels Can Better Tellthe Value Of Marx. "What I Contributed Can Be Well Done By Marxwithout Me Buy What He Accomplished Cant Be Achieved By Me. Marxstood Higher And Was A Genius". The Person Like Karl Mark Are Amongthose Rare Of The Rarest Personalities Who Take Birth Once In Yearsor Centuries. His Dedicated Efforts Will Be Remembered Forever.