ISBN 9788189430238,Karma And Reincarnation

Karma And Reincarnation



Ananda Sangha Publications

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788189430238

ISBN-10 8189430238


Number of Pages 151 Pages
Language (English)

Literary theory

Karma And Reincarnation is a book from the Wisdom of Yogananda series written by Paramhansa Yogananda, which offers spiritual guidance to those who are looking for answers about their existence, and the meaning and purpose of life. Summary Of The Book In Karma And Reincarnation, author Paramhansa Yogananda tackles some of the greatest mysteries that plague human existence. Through his vast knowledge and expertise, Yogananda offers reassurance to his readers about the meaning of life, God, and the time of death. Through Karma And Reincarnation, Yogananda imparts his wisdom in a jovial and practical manner. In the book, readers can seek answers to questions such as how to handle life's challenges, what happens during death, after death, and in heaven, why is there so much inequality and suffering in the world, and why does reincarnation occur. Apart from answering questions of this nature, Yogananda also offers suggestions on how to live life to the fullest. For instance, he states that every person's soul has a purpose for existing. Yogananda feels that understanding that everyone's soul has a purpose, can help one live in confidence and can inspire a person to live life to the fullest. Yogananda also offers encouragement to each reader. The author provides reassurance that each and everyone of us is loved by God, and the events in life play out so that it brings one closer to the state of highest fulfillment. Karma And Reincarnation is written in an easy-to-read format, and includes writings from the early period of his life, when he lived in America. About Paramhansa Yogananda Mukunda Lal Ghosh, also known as Paramhansa Yogananda, was a guru and yogi, who introduced the practice of Kriya Yoga to many readers. He has authored numerous books such as Autobiography Of A Yogi, How To Have Courage, Calmness, And Confidence: The Wisdom Of Yogananda, and How To Love And Be Loved. Yogananda took to spirituality from a very early age. He often tried to seek out gurus and yogis to help him in his spiritual quest. After meeting Swami Yukteswar Giri, Yogananda began his path to enlightenment. After completing his Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Calcutta, Yogananda took a formal vow to join the monastic order of Swamis. In 1920, Yogananda traveled to America to carry out his spiritual campaigns. Yogananda became a national sensation, and was even invited to the White House by President Coolidge. The publishing of Autobiography Of A Yogi in 1946, spurred a spiritual revolution in the world. Yogananda passed away on March 7, 1952, due to heart failure.