ISBN 9789350099018,Kaurava/Govinda (Pack Of 2 Books)

Kaurava/Govinda (Pack Of 2 Books)


Hachette India



Hachette India

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9789350099018

ISBN-10 9350099012


Language (English)

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Kaurava/Govinda (Pack of 2 Books) is a pack of the two books of the Aryavarta Chronicles, Govinda and Kaurava.

Govinda is the first book of the Aryavarta Chronicles. It is a saga of the confrontation between two supreme powers, the Firstborns and the Firewrights, in the land of the noble, Aryavarta. for centuries, these two mighty opponent forces have conflicted against each other and the time has come for a major war between the two. It is now in the hands of the cowherd-turned-prince Govinda Shauri to save the land of Aryavarta and its people.

Kaurava is the second book of the Aryavarta Chronicles. Aryavarta is now ruled by Emperor Dharma Yudhisthir of the Kauravas and his wife Empress Draupadi, in whose hand Govinda left his beloved empire. Their peaceful life is however soon disturbed by the rise of the Firewrights, who have sworn to take revenge for the loss of their kin. The battle of destruction begins. This time Govinda is left broken.To save his kingdom, he has to take the lead and play with secrets that have long been hidden.

Kaurava/Govinda (Pack of 2 Books) is a collection of two gripping books written by Krishna Udayasankar. These books are targeted at fans of historical/mythological fiction. It was published by Hachette India in 2013 and is available in paperback.