ISBN 9788172239428,Keep The Change

Keep The Change



HarperCollins Publishers

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788172239428

ISBN-10 8172239424


Number of Pages 224 Pages
Language (English)

19th century fiction

Keep the Change The uncoolness of her name plagues B. Damayanthi, along with the bunch of unsuitable prospective husbands her Amma throws at her, a dead-end job as an accountant in a decrepit firm, the oppressiveness of Chennai. When she finally jettisons her job and some of her inhibitions to join a bank in Mumbai, Amma?s parting words are: ?Be good. Don't do anything silly.? Translation: ?Stay away from sex and alcohol! ? Soon Damayanthi is negotiating competitive corporate corridors and big-city life. Aided by dubious words of wisdom from the cherub-faced Jimmy, she must impress the intellectual C.G., who has a low opinion of her; battle Sonya Sood, flatmate and size-zero sophisticate, for the TV remote; choose between resisting or giving in to temptation in the form of the seductive Rahul; deal with the moral dilemma of ?stealing? a million-dollar idea for her project. Can a good girl have a really good time? Can the conservative, curd-rice-eating Damayanthi become a cool, corporate babe? Keep the Change is a rollicking, wickedly witty story of every girl?s journey to fulfil her dreams and find her own place in the world. . Sales & Marketing Highlights Chick-lit, mass-market fiction about the life and dilemmas of ? the regular, urban working woman. Target audience is women between 20 and 35; but crisp and easy writing will appeal to male readers as well. Author is from Chennai, has lived in Mumbai and is now based in Delhi and the book is ? based in Mumbai and Chennai. Potential for large sales in all three cities. Author used to work for CitiBank and is a corporate consultant now. The book recounts ? the experiences of a new entrant to the corporate world, so great potential for sales in the corporate sector, too. About the Author Freelance corporate trainer and consultant by day and struggling-to-stay-awake writer by night, Nirupama Subramanian has a postgraduate degree in management from XLRI, Jamshedpur, and used to be a banker. Her writing has appeared in various magazines and she has received several awards for her short stories, articles and essays. She currently lives in Gurgaon, Haryana, with a precocious eight-year-old daughter and a peripatetic husband.