ISBN 9781844133222,Killing Hitler

Killing Hitler


Random House



Random House

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9781844133222

ISBN-10 1844133222


Number of Pages 336 Pages
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Most people have heard of the Stauffenberg Plot - the attempt to kill Hitler launched by the German Resistance Movement on 20 July 1944. But it is not widely known that this was only one of a long series of similar attacks. Killing Hitler is an account of the surprisingly numerous attempts on the life of Adolf Hitler.nnThe Germans, Soviets, Poles and British all made plans to kill the Fuhrer. Lone gunmen, disaffected German officers and the Polish Underground, the Soviet NKVD and the British Special Operations Executive were all involved. Their methods varied from bombing, poisoning or using a sniper, to infiltrating the SS, or even sending Rudolf Hess back to Germany under hypnosis. Many of the plans did not make it beyond the drawing board, some were carried out. All of them failed.nnAlongside the dramatic and largely unknown stories of Hitler's numerous assassins, this book presents a fascinating investigation of a number of broader issues, such as the complex motives of the German Resistance, the curious squeamishness of the British, and the effectiveness of the Nazi security apparatus. nnDrawing on memoirs and original archival sources in Poland, Germany, Russia and Britain, Killing Hitler offers a unique perspective on the history of the Third Reich. Hitler's would-be assassins ranged from simple craftsmen to high-ranking soldiers, from the apolitical to the ideologically obsessed, and from enemy agents to his closest associates. Few of these men and women are known to history. This is their story. It is the story of their plans, their motives and their failures. But it is also an account of the remarkable survival of a tyrant. About the Author Roger Moorhouse is a Germanist and historian. He is the co-author, with Norman Davies, of Microcosm: Portrait of a Central European City, published by Jonathan Cape and Pimlico. Table of Contents The story of the attempts to kill Hitler has been told before... but [Moorhouse's] survey can claim originality thanks to the inclusion of plots hatched by non-Germans.,Roger Moorhouse's enthralling book accounts for a whole gallimaufry of foiled assassination attempts on the Fuhrer, which ranged from the sublime near miss to ridiculous schemes worthy of Mel Brooks.,The first detailed account of the numerous attempts to kill one of history's most reviled dictators.,Highly readable... Moorhouse tells his story briskly and sensibly.,In Killing Hitler, Roger Moorhouse has found a new approach to the story of the Third Reich which is both original and authentic.,Such is Moorhouse's story telling power that we await every fresh attempt on Hitler's life with the hope that this one will succeed... A story as gripping as it is authentic.,Few books on the Third Reich offer a genuinely fresh perspective on the period but Roger Moorhouse?s engrossing chronicle of the plots against Hitler does.,This book shows what a murderous place Hitler's Reich was, and that the Fuhrer had the devil's own luck.,Very readable... a gripping account.,Osborne has written a fluent and fascinating book?. Read and enjoy this remarkable book.