ISBN 9789351032687,Kimmie Auntie Says  Max Your Health

Kimmie Auntie Says Max Your Health


Scholastic Books



Scholastic Books

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789351032687

ISBN-10 935103268X


Number of Pages 24 Pages
Language (English)
Introducing the Me and We series- that weave tips on social awareness into lively everyday adventures. In this story meet Max, a bouncing super hero who will help your child learn to be healthy. A small note from Kimmie aunty. Dear Friend, Here's the thing whether you are healthy or not is your choice. Mom and dad can urge you to live well (and maybe force you for few more years) but finally, it is up to you, yup you! If you want to live the richness life has to offer,if you want to think sharp and play hard and love well--being healthy makes it all better! Eat those vegetables, exercise and sleep enough. Enjoy toffees,just not too many. MAX YOUR HEALTH !! Yours truly, Kimmie Aunty